ISO and AYUSH-certified Ayurvedic Products Manufacturer in India

Neutragen Healthcare LLP is an ISO, WHO-GMP CERTIFIED, FSSAI, AYUSH-approved manufacturer of ayurvedic products. We produce ayurvedic products in various forms, such as syrups, capsules, oils, juices, creams, and others. We have dedicated manufacturing units for all types of products. All of our liquid products will be manufactured in our units with a capacity of 4 million. Neutragen Healthcare LLP, being a premium certified products manufacturer takes extreme care to maintain high-quality standards.

Unit 1

The first plant was designed and constructed in 2011 in the Export Promotion Industrial Park of Kundli Haryana, to manufacture ayurvedic syrups, capsules, tablets, drops, juices, ayurvedic oils, ayurvedic powders & granules , cosmetic products creams, gels, face washes, oils, shampoo, body lotions, aloe vera gel, ointments, perfumed glycerin, prickly heat powders, body washes, hand washes, conditioners, scrubs & many more.

Unit 2

The second plant of Neutragen Healthcare was designed and constructed in 2015 in the Industrial Area Phase 4 of Kundli Haryana to manufacture nutraceuticals syrups, capsules, tablets, sachets, protein powders & protein granules.

Unit 3

The third plant of Neutragen Healthcare is under construction in the Industrial Area Phase 5 of Kundli Haryana. It will be focusing on the drugs liquid and ointment section first. It will become operational in 2022.