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Top Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Made with the combination of ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceuticals,’ Nutraceuticals are food sources providing both nutritional and medicinal benefits. With an approximate worth of $10 billion in 2022 and an expected growth of $18 billion by the end of the year 2025, the Nutraceutical industry has witnessed immense growth.

The popularity of the top Nutraceutical product manufacturers in India is mainly due to the current health trends. Nutraceuticals are expected to improve health with their physiological benefits and prevent chronic diseases to increase life expectancy.

Neutragen Healthcare is one of the leading ISO-certified and AYUSH-approved Nutraceutical manufacturers in India. We are trusted for our high-quality third-party drugs and nutraceuticals product manufacturing. We ensure providing premium Nutraceutical products using advanced technologies and high-quality natural ingredients. With our extensive global presence, a wide range of products and team of experienced professionals, we have gained worldwide value as the leading third-party manufacturing Nutraceutical company.

To be your trusted and reliable Nutraceutical contract manufacturers in India, we strive through centuries-old Ayurvedic practices. Our expert and professional team members ensure maintaining the top-notch quality of our products, with all precautionary measures, to provide the remedial benefits.

If you are looking for reliable and reputed Nutraceutical manufacturers in India, Neutragen Healthcare is all you need. We ensure to be your compassionate partner, serving high-quality beneficial Nutraceutical products for all your needs.

To level up your health with the maximum benefits of amazing Nutraceutical products, contact us now!

Why Buy Nutraceuticals From Neutragen Healthcare?

Neutragen Healthcare LLP is proud to source its products directly from the Indian grassroots, the birthplace of ayurvedic medicines. Our nutraceuticals product manufacturing company is proud to supply to companies on a global level.

Our herbal products are known for their mark of quality. Since we have a working relationship with over 1000 suppliers across the country, we make sure that ingredients are sourced from the regions known for their purity and high quality.

Our product catalog includes drugs, ayurvedic, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and consumer healthcare products that provide relief from a host of ailments and help our customers lead healthier lives. We aim to provide these products to our MLM partners to help them expand our business outreach and grow their customer base and revenue in the process.  

We are the biggest house of third-party nutraceuticals medicine manufacturers in India. We manufacture AYUSH-certified premium ayurvedic products. We have a manufacturing capacity of 1.41 million of powders, 3.01 million sachets, 0.3 million of juices, and 0.1 million of natural oils. All these products are manufactured under the complete supervision of our in-house scientists and researchers with vast experience in nutraceuticals product manufacturing.

We have all relevant certifications such as AYUSH, WHO-GMP, FSSAI, and ISO which makes us a trustworthy name in the field of third-party nutraceuticals product manufacturing.

Why Buy Nutraceuticals From Neutragen Healthcare?

You get the best results from our products as we source our ingredients ethically from various parts of India. Our automated and latest manufacturing techniques ensure extracting maximum benefits with minimal wastage. As your reliable Nutraceuticals manufacturers in India, we ensure that from the conception of the idea to delivery, everything is done properly.

Our experts create medicines in a highly controlled environment, ensuring maximum safety and uniformity. All our manufactured products are made after the insightful and detailed research of the R&D team. We also offer private labels per the requests.

Considering the positive feedback of our clients and the rising numbers of sales and revenue, we are proud to call ourselves the most reputed third-party manufacturing Nutraceuticals company. To maintain our reputation as the leading Nutraceutical product manufacturer in Delhi, we ensure showering the following benefits:

  • Affordable production cost:

Being the third-party manufacturer, we ensure delivering affordable and best quality nutraceuticals products with minimal hassles.

  • Time-effectiveness:

Our automated processes and machinery ensure saving the maximum time and on-time delivery of the requirements and bulk orders.

  • Premium-quality production:

With our years of experience and premium expertise, Neutragen Healthcare aims to be the top Nutraceutical manufacturers in India.

  • Professional and experienced team:

You can completely trust our quality as we take pride in the knowledge and professionalism of our expert team members.

Support and assistance:

We don’t limit ourselves just to the Nutraceutical product manufacturers in India, but we also extend support and assistance as and when needed.

Nutraceuticals Third-party Manufacturers in India

Neutragen Healthcare is one of the leading Nutraceutical products manufacturer in India ensuring higher market growth for our clients. With our dedication and vision to be the market leader, we offer extensive benefits to save time, space, effort, equipment, and expertise for our esteemed clients of all sizes.

We aim to be your one and only choice for the best Nutraceuticals contract manufacturers in India with our extended support –

  • Low investment expansion:

We let you aim for market expansion without investing high amounts. With our skilled expert professionals, we ensure providing the best quality Nutraceutical supplements after detailed research and testing.

  • Operational benefits:

We can extend operational benefits by effectively handling and delivering your bulk requirements within the specified deadline. We contribute to help our clients increase their profitability.

  • Efficient management:

As the top Nutraceutical manufacturers in India, we combine our professionalism and proficiency to ensure attracting the maximum business. We ensure providing a continuous supply of high-quality Nutraceutical products.

  • Cost management:

Last but not least, we ensure meeting all your requirements at reasonable costs. We also ensure high maintenance, research and development of the products without any hassles.