Protein Powder Manufacturers in India

Protein Powder Manufacturers in India

You’ve probably heard of protein powder before. Do you know what a protein powder is capable of?

Protein powder is a dietary supplement. It is a crucial macronutrient that supports the production of hormones, and enzymes, and assists in repairing and maintaining body tissues.

Protein powder can assist in weight gain if that is something you need to achieve. They are of particular varieties that can also benefit muscle building and weight loss.

There are numerous varieties of protein powder, including powders with a dairy base and powders with a plant base. If you are a vegan you can choose plant-based protein powders.

Neutragen Healthcare is one of the most trusted protein powder manufacturers in India. We provide you with a wide range of protein powders.

Our range of powders includes Protein Granules, Protein Powder Dha, Protein Powder Dha for women, Protein Powder Dha for Kids, and Creatine Monohydrate with Vit. B1, B2 & B6, Body Grow Powder with Dha, Soya Protein, Creatine Powder, Mass Gainer, and Protein Powder with Amino Acids.

To grow muscle, choose a protein powder with a high biological value. Also, select shakes without additional sugars, dextrins, or maltodextrins for weight reduction.

You can choose your desired protein powder after checking the ingredients of our products.

Trusted and Certified Whey Protein Manufacturers in India

Whey protein is one of the proteins that are most frequently used among other proteins. You can consume it on a daily basis as it is simple to digest.

Whey protein consists of all nine necessary amino acids. It can lower stress levels and help with providing an energy boost. The optimal time to consume whey protein is right after exercise.

Do you know what whey proteins are? An eight-protein combination present in milk is referred to as whey protein.

The eight proteins present in whey protein powder are Beta-lactoglobulin, Alpha-lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptide, Immunoglobulins, Bovine serum albumin, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, and Lysozyme.

In the process of creating cheese, a manufacturer adds enzymes to milk to create whey protein. By causing the milk to curdle, the enzymes separate the solid curd form of milk into its liquid whey.

The primary component of cheese is curd, which is largely composed of milk fat. Whey protein is the fluid form that appears when the solid curds are pulled out.

Fluid whey is then pasteurized to destroy bacteria before being dried by manufacturers to produce whey protein powder.

Along with other types of protein powders, Neutragen Healthcare also manufactures whey protein products. We are one of the best whey protein manufacturers in India. Our organization is a manufacturer of products with AYUSH approval and ISO certification.

Our whey protein jar pack of 200 GM provides essential supplements to your body and helps to gain weight. With regards to illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, etc., we provide a huge range of products.

Our products come in a variety of forms and sizes, including syrups, pills, capsules, oils, ointments, creams, juices, powders, granules, sachets, shampoos, face washes, and many others.

We have over ten years of experience and are now one of India’s most reputable makers of pharmaceuticals and ayurvedic products.

Contact Neutragen Healthcare for Protein Powder Third-Party Manufacturers in India

According to recent research between 2021-2022 by FSSAI, Nearly 15% of all food samples including protein supplements tested for quality were found to be unsafe for consumption. 4,890 of the 144,345 samples that were analyzed throughout the survey were deemed dangerous, while 16,582 were deemed to be inadequate.

From this information, choosing an authorized and reliable brand for consumption is crucial. We need to conduct adequate research to choose a consumable product.

This is where Neutragen Healthcare sets itself apart from the competition. We are one of the very known and trusted protein powder third-party manufacturers in India. We are one of the biggest third-party drug manufacturers in India. We specialize in producing third-party drugs.

We have a great deal of experience manufacturing medications under third-party and private labels. Our goal is to offer our customers the highest-quality items at fair pricing that will improve their health.


The manufacturing facility of Neutragen Healthcare is regarded as India’s top protein powder producer. Our product manufacturing company’s production of protein powder can be entirely relied on to be of the highest quality.

When it comes to upholding the standards of our products, our company’s manufacturing facility is highly strict. We believe that our safety and hygiene measures are major factors that contribute to this.

Other than protein powders, we also provide a wide variety of medications to address a variety of conditions, including arthritis, infertility, fatigue, stress, iron deficiency, haemoglobin loss, and calcium insufficiency.

In order to give you the best achievable benefits, our team of highly qualified specialists are always available to help.

Treat your health today by getting in touch with Neutragen Healthcare immediately and make use of our services.