How to Control Cholesterol By Ayurvedic Medicine

Every cell in the body contains cholesterol and serves vital natural purposes. Such as aiding in digestion, the production of hormones, etc. It is produced by the body, but it is also found in food. It looks waxy and fatty in texture. There is of course ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol that one can go for. Fatty deposits form in the blood vessels resulting in high cholesterol levels, which can obstruct blood flow via arteries. It also worsens cardiac conditions but can be cured by consuming ayurvedic medicine to reduce cholesterol.

Reason Behind High Cholesterol

When blood cholesterol levels are high enough to put you at risk for heart disease and stroke, it is high cholesterol. High cholesterol, also referred to as hyperlipidemia rarely hurts. It doesn’t exemplify any symptoms until a person has a significant cardiac condition. High cholesterol is also a result of being overweight and sedentary. Most likely, you have more triglycerides if you are overweight. Inactivity can lower your HDL if you never work out and aren’t generally active (good cholesterol) for which ayurvedic medicine to reduce cholesterol is helpful In addition to being produced by your liver, food also contains cholesterol. Your cholesterol level can rise if you consume too many foods high in fat. Furthermore, smoking raises cholesterol which can be stopped by ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol. Your HDL has decreased (good cholesterol). Your cholesterol level is influenced by your family history as well. According to research, having high cholesterol is often inherited. If a member of your close family has it, you might as well.

Ayurveda’s Take On High Cholesterol

The role of metabolic processes in both the prevention and treatment of disease is emphasized by Ayurveda. The term “Agni,” which means “fire”, is used in Ayurveda to refer to metabolic processes within the body. The Doshas and tissues’ normal levels of quantity, quality, and functionality are maintained via metabolic processes (Dhatu) which helps in ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol. Metabolites not digested by the bodily tissues will be formed while in abnormal states. It results in numerous causes linked to the body and the mind. Ama is the name of the end product of such metabolic activity (toxins). According to Ayurveda, the toxic type of cholesterol is caused by ama, or toxins, which are found in fat tissue. Ama, the gooey, foul-smelling byproduct of poor digestion, can obstruct body passageways, such as arteries. Ama spreads all through the body when it is available for quite a while and isn’t dispensed with from the framework. It might combine with the malas and dhatus, which are body tissues. This ama disrupts the body’s channels when it combines with fat tissue, which can result in issues including excessive cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Ayurvedic Solutions For High Cholesterol

The Ayurvedic approach to hypercholesterolemia includes techniques to boost the digestive fire to digest the ama and control the root causes. It regulates assimilation and evacuation. Ayurveda uses a variety of single herbs as well as herbal blends to treat excess meda dhatu (increased lipids), ama, and metabolic disorders. Here are some Ayurvedic suggestions that can help reduce cholesterol and return the body to its regular state: Medicago Satina, often known as Alfalfa, is the best ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol and is renowned for its effectiveness in treating artery-related illnesses. They have the ability to unclog clogged-up arteries with cholesterol. They can be taken every day in their whole or blended with juice. Arjuna is another potent ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol that is quite effective in treating cardiac diseases like heart blockages, heart attacks, and other similar problems. The powdered bark of the Arjuna tree can be eaten and swallowed. Arjuna, an ayurvedic herb, has the power to dissolve cholesterol and avoid heart blockages. With lukewarm water, this should be drunk earlier in the morning, before breakfast. Coriander is one of the natural diuretics that work best. It can reenergize the kidneys and improve their capacity for waste disposal. As a result, the kidney may remove more cholesterol from the body. On a daily basis, coriander can be eaten with meals. Ayurvedic medicine reduces cholesterol levels and clears toxins from the channels and reestablish the digestive fire. To help with the treatment, suggestions on diet and schedule modifications are also made.

Summing Up

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