Benefits of Nutraceuticals


Nutraceutical is a term that describes products derived from food sources carrying additional health benefits over the elementary nutritional food value. The word ‘Nutraceutical’ can be broken down into two words – ‘Nutrient’ – a nourishing component derived from food, and ‘Pharmaceutical’- a term used for medical drugs.

The role of these products is to promote well-being and balance symptoms with the belief that food is the best medicine. Nutraceutical foods are best divided into four categories based on their source, chemical constitution, and pharmacological conditions. These categories are medicinal food, farmaceuticals, functional food, and dietary supplements.

Nutraceuticals are renowned for their ability to prevent diseases, enhance health, postpone aging and support bodily functions. These products can aid in preventing life-threatening ailments such as infections, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, cancer, eye problems, cardiovascular problems, and Parkinson’s disease.

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Benefits of Nutraceutical Products

There are unlimited health advantages of nutraceutical products. Newer benefits are being discovered every day that provide excellent cures for psychological and physiological ailments. The reason behind the increasing usage of nutraceutical products is also the rise in chronic diseases.

Some benefits of using nutraceutical products are:
  • Good health: Nutraceutical products help in maintaining good health conditions and postponing the aging process. By keeping the body in its best form and enhancing immunity, these products also keep the body away from chronic diseases.
  • Protection from chronic disease: Another benefit of nutraceutical products is that they protect people from life-threatening ailments such as diabetes, infections, gastrointestinal and renal disorders.
  • Enhances immunity: Good immune system is a primary requirement to maintain good health and avoid diseases. Consuming nutraceutical products helps in strengthening the immune system and improving the anti-allergic power of the body.
  • Perform biological process: Nutraceuticals are pertinent in facilitating several biological processes. These include antioxidant defense, gene expression, cell proliferation, and safeguarding mitochondrial integrity.
  • Energy boost: Another excellent benefit of consuming nutraceuticals is that they aid in boosting energy. They provide extra power to stay active all day and perform all the functions with maximum efficiency.
  • Controls cravings: One of the advantages of consuming these products is that they help control drug cravings and increase the inclination towards consuming healthier food. It, in turn, helps in keeping the body physically fit and active.
  • With these multifold advantages of nutraceutical products, they have become the choice of millions across the globe. With the health benefits and diseases protection, nutraceuticals provide the best solutions to live a healthy life.

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